The University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) utilizes a test-optional undergraduate admission policy. This policy removes a barrier that may deter otherwise qualified students from applying for undergraduate admission. All applications are reviewed using a holistic process that includes the official high school or transfer school record and supporting documentation. This policy provides applicants with more control of how they present their credentials within the application process.

Test-Optional Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply with or without test scores?

On the application you will be asked whether or not you want your exam scores to be considered in your admission decision. If you want us to consider your exam scores, you can select “Yes.” If you don’t want your exam score considered, you can select “No”.

How will UMD evaluate students who do not submit standardized test scores?

Both internal and external research has proven that performance in rigorous coursework during high school is the best predictor of academic success in college; therefore, the Office of Admissions will continue to place the most evaluative weight on the level and success of coursework taken during high school. We will closely evaluate your high school work including curriculum, trends in grades, and how you challenged yourself. We will delve into your college or high school involvement, extracurricular activities, leadership, community engagement, and work/family responsibilities. Many of these topics can be addressed in a personal statement.

What if I already submitted my test scores to UMD, but want to be test-optional?

If you choose to be test-optional, we will hide your test scores from our application reviewers and your test scores will not be used in your admission decision. Your scores will remain in our system and may be used for other purposes like course placement but will not be used to make a decision on your application.

Will I be at a disadvantage if I decide not to submit standardized test scores?

No. There will be no negative impact on your application.

Will I still qualify for merit scholarships if I choose not to submit my test scores?

Yes, if you want to include test scores for scholarship consideration, please submit them to the Office of Admissions by February 1. Also, students are encouraged to complete a RaiseMe portfolio to increase opportunities for scholarship consideration.

In what scenarios does it make sense to submit test scores with my application?

  • Applicants who believe their ACT or SAT scores represent a positive component of their academic profile are encouraged to submit their scores for consideration within the admission process. 
  • Homeschooled students are encouraged to submit scores.

In what scenarios does it make sense not to submit test scores with my application?

ACT or SAT scores might not fully reflect some applicants’ academic performance, preparedness, or potential. If you feel this applies to you, you may select UMD’s test-optional method of applying and not submit your scores. 

Admitted students who choose to submit their application through the test-optional route will be encouraged to submit their scores at a later date for use in course placement.

I am an international student, does UMD’s test-optional policy apply to me?

The Office of Admissions requires the verification of English language proficiency. Accepted exams include IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, Cambridge, or Pearson. We provide options for students to meet our English proficiency without taking a standardized test. Specific details can be found here.

We encourage non-native English speakers who have taken the ACT or SAT exam to submit their scores to UMD as well, as these scores will be used for advising and course placement purposes.

How do I report my test scores?

Students who choose to submit ACT or SAT scores should share official test scores. Standardized test scores can be sent electronically through the platform you have taken your exams. Use UMD's school code below to have your scores sent to us:

Test scores are also accepted if posted on an official high school transcript.

What is the deadline to send you my test scores?

If you want test scores included in your application review, please send those to our office as soon as you are able. If you want to include test scores for scholarship consideration, those must be received by our office by February 1.

I plan to compete in NCAA athletics at UMD. Do I need to submit test scores?

Student-athletes are required to submit official scores to the NCAA Eligibility Center in order to be declared eligible for competition. Athletes are not required to submit scores to UMD.

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