Costs & Aid

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Each semester every credit you take beyond 13 is free.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

The estimated costs listed below are based on the 2024 - 2025 academic year. For a more detailed breakdown of expenses, please visit the UMD One Stop Cost of Attendance page . Keep in mind, that the actual costs will depend on your classes, where you live, and your personal spending choices.

 Minnesota ResidentMidwest NonresidentResidents of Other States
Tuition & Fees$14,320$14,320$19,760
Housing & Food$10,210$10,210$10,210
Direct Costs Subtotal$24,530$24,530$29,970
Additional Expenses$3,450$4,140$4,100
Total Cost of Attendance$27,980$28,670$34,070
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Need Help Paying for College?

There are many resources to help. We have a Financial Aid Educator who can guide you through the best financial path for you and your family to make your education affordable.

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